DEMOlition Phase I

by Robo Beat 'Em Up

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You cannot justify existence You cannot put up a resistance Tomorrow, you're fucking gone The smoke chokes out all the sunlight Your world is crushed beneath our might Tomorrow, you're fucking gone Can you expect any mercy? NO NO NO NO is there any hope for humanity? NO NO NO NO Can you win? Can you thrive? Can you escape and survive? Robot says robot says NO NO NO NO Missile launchers Gatling guns You will scream and you will run Tomorrow, you're fucking gone Laser punch, fireball Your dog is dead, your cities fall Tomorrow, it's all fucking gone
Saw Wave 02:57
Nosferatu 02:53
Castlevania, Legacy of Kain Bram Stokers Dracula, Master of Darkness Haunted Castle, Spike McFang Vampire Hunter D, Kid Dracula What a horrible night to have a curse Nosferatu! 8 bit Nosferatu! 16 bit Nosferatu! 32 bit Nosferatu! 64 bit Nosferatu! Vampire Nights, Bloodnet Dracula X, DarkstalKers Veil of Darkness, Countdown Vampires Bloodrayne, Vampire Killer What a horrible night to have a curse


This is the first Demo from Robo Beat 'Em Up. It's guaranteed to destroy your life.


released March 27, 2015

Written, performed and produced by Pink Thunder and John A.E.

Mastered by Jake Alejo
Art by Jeseabell Arrigan
Recorded at Non-Existent Studios v7.0




Robo Beat 'Em Up Oakland, California

Robo Beat 'Em Up is John A.E. and Pink Thunder.

There is no hope of escape.

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